Q: What is the proposed location for the Masjid? 

A: Our focus is on the Westshore region of Vancouver Island.


Q: What will be the size of the land?

A: The choice of a 1-acre+ plot is deliberate, allowing ample space for the development of a multifunctional facility that goes beyond serving as a place of worship. This land size accommodates not only the immediate needs of the community but also allows for the future expansion of the masjid to incorporate additional facilities such as educational spaces, community halls, and recreational areas.


Q: What are the different phases of the BCMA Westshore project?

A: The BCMA Westshore Masjid project is a multi-phase initiative. The team is currently prioritizing the first phase, which involves acquiring either land or an existing building to transform into a Masjid. Upon securing the land, the second phase will concentrate on constructing the building. Phases 3 and 4 will subsequently center on the development of an Islamic education facility and a community center.


Q: Can you specify the timelines for each phase?

A: The project team aims to secure land within a 12 to 18-month timeframe. Upon purchasing the land, the team will shift its focus to constructing the Masjid, with an estimated completion time of 15 to 24 months. These timelines may be expedited in the event of acquiring a pre-existing building.


Q: In which bank account will the donated money be held when we contribute?

A: Within BCMA Westshore, we maintain three accounts: Operational, Zakat, and Capital funding. All contributions designated for the Masjid project will be allocated to the Capital funding account. This fund will be exclusively utilized for the acquisition of land for the Masjid, and under no circumstances will it be diverted for any other purpose. All accounts undergo an annual audit, and the BCMA head office is directly engaged in funds management.


Q: Can I contribute for Masjid as Qarz-e-Hasna?

A: We offer the option of Qaraz-e-Hasna as well. The Qaraz-e-Hasna agreement will be formally signed between the donor and the BCMA head office.

Q: Can I get a tax receipt for my donation[IS1] ?

A: Yes, you will receive a tax receipt for your donation.